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Blooming Earth Idle

As we mentioned, it is NOT a game about rules, prohibition and sacrifice to prevent the end of the world triggered by massive climate warming...

Nevertheless our topic is the earth. Our world with it's limited resources and future tasks.

But our focus is on the other side of the coin. Technical progress, research, science and a more conscious handling of our natural resources.

Like the Hawaiian saying: "malama ka 'aina" - Respect and care for the land.

Hawaiians respecting their land - malama ka 'aina
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Holy sh*** I have no clue what your are building - what's the game concept?

Short description:
A 3D Idle Game about living in harmony with nature.

Long description:
Build sustainable worlds, manage income in idle mode and preserve nature!

We are creating the first idle clicker simulator game to sustainably build and manage your own ecosystems.
In order to be able to operate sustainable, investments in new technologies are required.
Do you have what it takes to run your economy so profitable that you can use the latest technologies?

Download Blooming Earth for FREE and gradually expand the various ecosystems, such as the village, city, coast, etc.

Each area has its own economy buildings that need to be managed profitably and sustainably.
In the village you will find farmers, wood producers and small shops, whereas in the city the focus is on factories and research facilities.

All of these different areas are interrelated and affect global environmental impact.
Make sure that the burden remains low worldwide, even if each area has its own difficulties and opportunities.

★ Manage your ecosystems and earn more money over time in idle mode!
★ Invest in sustainable technologies to work in harmony with nature.
★ Explore new technologies in the city
★ Your world continues to run even if you are offline from the game
★ Display your environmental impact via a barometer
★ Changes in the environment are also directly visible in nature (trees, flowers, animals react to your dealings with nature)
★ Enjoy your beautiful world without beeing permanently disturbed by Menus
★ No internet connection required
★ In-app purchases available

🌱💰🌱 Become a pioneer of a sustainable economy 💰🌱💰

Do you have any ideas or suggestions?
Feel free to send us a message to - we are always happy to receive feedback from our players! ❤️
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